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Four Islands

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Exciting and very interesting tour, participants of which will visit the most authentic Thai village, admire the picturesque tropical beauty and spend an unforgettable half of a day traveling around uninhabited islands.

In the beginning of the day travelers will travel through the mangroves forests to authentic Thai village located near a forest river where they will see how the local people live. In addition, participants of the tour will also explore a huge cave located nearby and try themselves in a role of rock-climbers.

After light and delicious lunch travelers will have a time of rest and relax: participants of the tour will make kind of a cruise around picturesque Koh Poda, Koh Kai and Koh Tub islands, where they will spend the rest of the day swimming and sunbathing.

Unforgettable adventure that will be the best memory of your holiday in Thailand!

Chicken Island
Koh Tup
Ko Poda
Ko Klang
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