Hong Island

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Hong island

Wonderful exciting journey, participants of which will spend whole day away from the city hustle and bustle.

At the beginning of the day travelers will sail to the crystal clear lagoons of Koh Rai, Koh Lading and Koh Pakbai where they will admire picturesque tropical beauty and will be able to see the rich underwater world of local waters with their own eyes - boat will make a stop at the coral reefs.

After delicious and hearty lunch served with traditional Thai dishes, participants of the trip will travel to a picturesque Koh Hong island, famous for its sunny sandy beaches and clear coastal waters, where they will spend the rest of the day relaxing and having a fun.

Unforgettable adventure that will be the best memory of your holiday in Thailand!

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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
Island Koh Hong
Island Koh Phak Bia
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