Excursion to the paradise of Phi Phi islands

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The Phi Phi archipelago in the Andaman Sea is a living illustration for the expression "paradise", where the water is of azure color, the sand is whiter than snow, and the whole nature seems untouched by man. You are waiting for 3 of the seven islands, a sea walk with a breeze, studying coral reefs, a cognitive story about the province of Krabi and the most striking places of Phi Phi.

History of Krabi Province

You will find out where the name of this region of southern Thailand originated and why crossword swords became part of the official press, which ancient artifacts were found here during excavations and what role Krabi province played in the past for trade routes in Asia. You will see "creative groups" on pickup trucks collecting coconuts, and probably a little surprised by the vitality of the long tradition. Once there was a large elephant park, and today the city of Krabi has become a solid fishing port. You are waiting for a story about the most striking characteristics of the province.

Cinematographic bays and Viking Cave

Phi Phi Paradise islands could not be noticed by judges of the beautiful - these picturesque scraps of land were chosen by film producers and directors. We will show you the location of the filming of two famous films and tell you what turned the process of film production for the coastline of the bay, the Thai government and the guys from Hollywood. And afterwards you will go to the Viking Cave, where you will unravel the secret of the name of this sacred place for the Thais, and you will see the swifts of the salangan, whose nests are considered a popular and very expensive delicacy in Asian cuisine.

Water Activities

Phi Phi Islands are surrounded by bright coral reefs, so you will have a chance to do snorkeling and examine all the inhabitants of these depths and the corals themselves of bizarre shapes. You can also just swim on one of the best beaches of Phi Phi and dive into the "rejuvenation lagoon", surrounded by hundred-meter cliffs. And during a break between water adventures you will have lunch in a Thai restaurant and get acquainted with national cuisine.

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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
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