Hot springs and Tiger Cave Temple

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Extremely interesting tour, participants of which will spend the whole day away from hustle and bustle and visit the most popular attractions of Krabi.

At the beginning of the day travelers will make a short trip to hot springs: they will be able to see famous Emerald and Crystal pools and relax, forgetting about all worries. After a leisure rest and a short walk through the lush jungle, participants of the trip will enjoy delicious Thai dishes and fruits.

After a hearty meal travelers will visit stunning Tigers Cave Temple. Here they will be able to explore the deep caves and see with their own eyes legendary tree that has been growing for 1,000 years!

Unforgettable adventure that will be the best memory of your holiday in Thailand!

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National Park Klong Tom Hot Springs Waterfall
Province Krabi
Country Thailand
National Park Srakaew Cave(Emerald Pool)
Attraction Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Seu)
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