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A tour of the most famous places in the province of Krabi without crowds and rush! The journey begins with a visit to the most famous Tiger Cave Temple. It is the most interesting temple complex of those
located in the south of Thailand.

Monks live here in the labyrinths of natural caves, and around are tropical jungles with age-old trees.

Here you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of Buddhist culture and art, as well as receive a blessing from local monks who, having read a prayer, will tie a special ribbon for your luck.

The next stop is bathing in the crystal clear Emerald Pool, with characteristic turquoise water.

It is a natural pool in the rock, into which water flows from geothermal sources. The diameter of the lake is about 30 meters, the depth is not more than 2 meters; suitable for swimming and is considered the largest lake in the park.


The reserve Sra Morakot or Emerald Pool ("Emerald Pool") is rightfully ranked among the unique attractions of Thailand, and is a site of a tropical forest with two amazing lakes.

The whole territory of the park is well organized, for walking routes special wooden walkways-bridges are made.

The pool of emerald color with cool water is fed from high-mountain streams that pass through carbonate-calcium rocks, and form downstream beautiful and interesting calcium deposits. Water is really emerald color, and at the depth of swimming fish.

After lunch break - bathing in hot springs.

Healing and unique composition of water has no analogues in the world. The fact is that the sources of Klong Tom are full of natural salts and minerals, and since ancient times have earned the fame of healing baths.

In addition,waterfalls create the effect of hydromassage, and bathing in hot mineral springs will bring real pleasure,relieve muscle tension and stress, wash away fatigue and regain strength.

It is important to remember that physicians recommend staying in water for no more than 30 minutes and taking breaks in bathing, and this recommendation really should be adhered to.

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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
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