Elephant trekking and ATV riding

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When cars, airplanes, bicycles and others everyday forms of transport are slightly bored, we propose to discover new vehicles! Calm riding on a giant elephant and ATV. Add to your treasury new emotions and impressions!

Riding an elephant through the province of Krabi is a wonderful excursion for animal lovers and an opportunity to touch the world of exotic Thailand. You will see real jungles, beautiful hills and streams, take pictures on an elephant on a good-natured elephant and, of course, feed elephants from hand! Clever, large and beautiful Thai elephants will be your friends on this fascinating journey.

Elephants are the most revered animals in Thailand, they are an integral part of the culture and life of Thailand. Elephants performed the most difficult and hard work and were always loved by the Thai people. We can say that the elephant is the symbol of Thailand.

A trip on ATVs is not only a way to paddle time, but also a great opportunity to get to know Krabi 's  beautiful nature. Jungle, wetlands, karst mountains, hills, small streams.

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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
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