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Phang Nga Bay

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Extremely interesting tour, participants of which will spend the whole day away from hustle and bustle and visit the most popular attractions of Phang Nga Bay.

Travelers will to sail to one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands of Thailand - to the famous James Bond Island.

After that, participants will visit authentic Thai fishing village, built on stilts right above the water, where they will enjoy delicious dinner with traditional dishes.

After a hearty meal travelers will visit stunning temple of Wat Tham Suwan Kuha – Monkey Temple. The sanctuary is located directly inside a huge cave and represents unique religious and architectural attraction.

In the end of excursion participants of the trip will have a rest in Tanboke Koranee botanical garden, one the wide territory of which there are a large number of waterfalls and lush tall trees.

Unforgettable adventure that will be the best memory of your holiday in Thailand!

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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
National Park Phang Nga Bay
Island Koh Panyee
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