Rafting and Monkey Temple

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In addition to the warm sea, the fantastic beauty of the islands, secluded beaches and many natural wonders, the south of Thailand is ready to offer you a real extreme - rafting on the mountain rivers!

On the tour you will enjoy the breathtaking rafting on the river on inflatable boats, where you are not only a passenger, but also an active participant, after all you will help the thames to row in the right direction.

Balancing on a raft, picked up by a strong current, will turn out pretty quickly. The most difficult thing is to pass the rapids of the river. Here it is necessary to work intensively. Be ready to get wet

Further, the true extremes will have an unforgettable descent along a steel rope over the jungle

After lunch you will go to the monkeys and baby elephant show. On the way home you will be visited by the Monkey Temple, a famous fifteen meter statue of the Reclining Buddha, and an fruit garden, where you can taste the exotic fruits of Thailand

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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
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