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Khao Sok National Park is one of the most interesting reserves in Thailand, it occupies 750 square kilometers and is famous for the huge massifs of ancient rain jungles, piles of limestone rocks and quaint karst caves.

The national park is inhabited by diverse representatives of wild flora and fauna and is considered to be more ancient and rich in species of animals and plant life than the Amazonian rainforest. The territory of the park is inhabited by wood crabs, rhino-birds and gibbons, in Khao Sok hides the famous Rafflesia flower, which more than one meter in diameter.

The center of the reserve is the freshwater lake Cheo Lan (160 sq km), it is called "Thai Baikal". The lake is located in a cup of karst mountains, it hosts about 50 species of fish. Cheo Lan is a great place to relax from a bustle.



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Province Krabi
Country Thailand
National Park Khao Sok National park
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