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Siam Niramit is an amazing dance performance of international level, which will plunge you to the history and tell about cultural heritage of Thailand.

Specially for the show was built a great theater, the sizes of which amaze, and the stage even entered the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest stage for staging performances in the world! Its width is 65 meters, depth is 40 meters and height is 12! More than 150 actors and actresses are involved in the show, 500 costumes are made for the spectacle, 120 sets of decorations are made, and more than 100 technical personnel are involved in organization! The investment budget for the production amounted $ 40 millions!


The performance consists of three acts:

1 - "Journey into the depths of centuries". You will visit the ancient kingdom of Lana, learn about the development of trade relations with China, travel to Issan (Northeast of Thailand), take a part in the Boone Phaveti festival and visit the mighty capital of the ancient kingdom of Ayutthaya.

2 - "The world beyond imagination." You will see a stunning performance: actors will show three worlds that may await us after a death - Fiery Hell, Mystic Himaphan Forest (the border between the world of people and the kingdom of heaven) and the full of bliss Paradise.

3 - "On the roads of joyous festivals". You will participate in the dedication ceremony to the monks of Khao Pang, take a part in Songkran water festival, see Loy Kratong festival of the light and even visit the parade of Phitakhon ghosts!


Stunning show, watching of which will be the one of the brightest and unforgettable memories of your vacation in Thailand!

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Island Phuket
Country Thailand
Attraction Siam Niramit Phuket
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