White Temple, Hot Springs and Golden Triangle

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Exciting and very interesting excursion, participants of which will make a trip to the most popular attractions of the northern region!

In the beginning of a day travelers will enjoy an exciting trip to the hot springs of Mae Kha Chan - the highest natural fountains in Thailand! Water splashes rise to the sky to a height of a couple of meters, and the water temperature of some springs reaches 90°C.

Further participants of the trip will make a visit to one of the most beautiful and famous temples of northern Thailand - the temple of Rong Khun, better known as the White Temple. Here visitors will be able to see luxurious halls decorated with white glass and majestic statues.

The third destination will be the world famous Golden Triangle – the area on the border of three countries. At the mouth of two rivers, Khong and Ruak, there is a unique viewing platform from which travelers may see three countries - Thailand, Myanmar and Laos!

In the end of the tour travelers will visit Mae Sai trading place, a small area near Thailand and Myanmar border where people from two countries trade. Here participants of the trip will be able to buy a various goods from China and Burma.

Exciting excursion, which will be the one of the brightest memories of your vacation in Thailand!



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District Golden Triangle
Country Thailand
Attraction White Temple
Province Chiang Rai
Attraction Mae Kha Chan Hot Springs
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