Wat Yansangwararam Temple and Sightseeing

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Exciting excursion, participants of which will visit one of the most famous attractions of Pattaya!

In the beginning of the trip travelers will go to magnificent Wat Yansangwararam temple complex, buildings of which are built in different styles - Thai, Chinese and Japanese. Guests will be able to see stunning tower of temple and stroll around the garden.

After that group will visit amazing Chinese temple of Wihan Sian - there travelers will be able to see ancient Buddhist relics by their own eyes!

In the end of excursion group will move to Pattaya’s premier winery - Silverlake Winery, where the best Thai wine is made.

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Attraction Wat Yansangwararam
City Pattaya
Country Thailand
Attraction Wihan Sian
Attraction Silverlake Winery
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