Siam Park City from Pattaya

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Siam Park City - is a great entertainment complex for children and adults, located in surroundings of Bangkok. Park was completely reconstructed in 2012 with many new entertaining attractions and themed areas: water park, x-zone, family world, fantasy world and small world.

 Water park area occupies the biggest part of the amusement park. Here you will find the world's largest swimming pool, with area of 13 600 square meters, three-stage water slides and many other water attractions. This part of the park will please as kids as well as their parents - perfect place for a family holiday.

In X-zone adults and children will be able to have a lot of fun and enjoy riding roller coaster or a special attraction, the height of which is more than 170 meters!

In the family area you may enjoy a short boat sailing along the tropical river and see giant figures of amazing dinosaurs and other ancient animals that look incredibly real!

In a midday you will enjoy a hearty buffet lunch with delicious Thai dishes! 


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Attraction Siam Park City
City Bangkok
Country Thailand
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