Khao Kheow Open Zoo from Bangkok

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Stunning unforgettable trip to the unique zoo Khao Kheow, known all over the world for its conditions of animal’s habitation – all animals and birds live here in complete freedom - without any cages, wires and fences!

 All guests of the zoo can plunge into amazing atmosphere of a real safari, where they will meet proud lions and fearful ostriches, quick leopards and long-legged giraffes, as well as many different birds, fish, and even dolphins! The tour is absolutely safe and very interesting!


The zoo is separated into 3 zones:

1) the zoo (160 hectares) - open for visitors aviaries and areas where animals and birds inhabit.

2) research area (560 hectares) - territory where endangered species of animals and birds breed and where scientists study behavior and lifestyle under the program of conservation of genetic resources

3) show zone - specially constructed scenes, where the zoo's pets give several performances a day

 Each part of the zoo is separated into subzones: savanna, antelope park, bird zone, waterfall, valley of cats, monkey island, butterfly garden and others.


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City Bangkok
Province Bangkok and suburbs
Country Thailand
Province Chonburi
National Park Khao Kheow Open Zoo
District Sriracha
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