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Exciting Animal Shows

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Exciting and unforgettable journey on the back of majestic elephant to the heart of one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand – Samui Island. Koh Samui is famous for its lush green tropics, sun-drenched beaches and crystal clear water - a true island pearl of Kingdom.

Another one, no less interesting part of your tour will be the Elephant and Monkey Show where funny animals will show their incredible skills - monkeys and gibbons demonstrate picking coconuts from trees and baby elephants will even make you a massage!

On the crocodile show fearless tamer will demonstrate his courage bravery and put his head directly into the jaws of the toothy creature!

Moreover, you will have an unique opportunity to take a part in showering of funniest animals – little baby elephants! Just look – they are so cute!

Meet the honorable animals, make a fascinating trip and enjoy the local beauty – bright memories are guaranteed!

Funny Day Safari
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