Relaxation in Chiva-Som - 14 - 28 nights packages

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Located on the beautiful Gulf of Thailand, Chiva-Som is your secluded Haven of Lifefor health and wellbeing. Embark upona unique journey of self-discovery witha holistic approach to wellness, incorporating mind, body and spirit,to bring a healing balance to yourlifestyle.


For over 22 years, Chiva-Som has provideda Haven of Life for guests seeking health and
wellness. Our programmes are founded upon oursix wellness modalities: Spa, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Aesthetic Beauty, offering you the empowerment to fulfil your goals.


As a dedicated health resort, Chiva-Som provides a peaceful environment where real personal improvements can be attained, combining the best of traditional Thai hospitality with world-class health facilities, treatments and services.


When you first arrive at the resort, an appointment will be made for you with your personal Health and Wellness Advisor. Your Advisor is a qualified health specialist, fully trained to know which of Chiva-Som’s many treatments and activities will be right for you, and how these may be best arranged for maximum results.


Your stay with Chiva-Som begins with the retreat you decide to embark upon, guiding you towards personal goals and a path that leads to the holistic healing you’re searching for. Choose a retreat with Chiva-Som today and join us in attaining your  health and wellbeing targets.

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City Hua Hin
Country Thailand
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