Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is considered to be one of the largest cultural, scientific and business centers of our planet.

Thailand use constitutional monarchy form of government, therefore the most respected person in Thailand is the king, whose image is present on all banknotes and whose name is pronounced with love and respect.


During last years Thailand has become one of the most popular world tourist destinations - there is everything for a perfect holiday: stunning wonderful resorts, azure sea, variety of entertainments, as well as cultural and historical attractions - everyone will find something interesting for its taste. Endless summer is already waiting for you!


Thailand has not only a unique culture and history, but also its own special rules that are so easy to remember and even easier to follow: coins and banknotes are very respected by Thai people, because they are depicted with images of beloved King. Thai money can not be crumpled, thrown out, written with a pen or stepped with a foot.

In addition, guests should to be attentive to Thai kids - it is forbidden to touch the head of a child, because, according to local belief, it contains a soul of a person.

And, of course, the main rule: refers to Thai people with a deep respect, despite their social position or age and remember - we are only guests here.

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